DeVonte and Kingsley

DeVonte, 14, was matched with his Big Brother Kingsley in December 2014. “The first time I met my Big I felt amazed because he looked like a smart guy. I thought he could probably get me into some sports,” says DeVonte. Although he wasn’t a fan of sports at first, DeVonte’s match has opened his eyes to many new experiences. His mother, Adell, says that Kingsley has encouraged DeVonte to try new things, has helped him with academics, and has built his confidence.


Kingsley and DeVonte have an incredible bond built on fun and dependability, and even have their own handshake. “Kingsley helps me with stuff that I don’t get, and he really likes to hang out with me,” says DeVonte. “He taught me how to shoot a basketball and gives me hints on bowling, and they are good hints!” “DeVonte is very easy going, just like me,” says Kingsley. “He has a chill personality and likes to try new things. He teaches me about new music and video games all the time.”

Adell has her own favorite memory of DeVonte’s match with Kingsley. “Kingsley has made a lasting impact on DeVonte through his patience and kindness,” she says. “Kingsley taught DeVonte to tie his shoes, so when DeVonte did it on his own for the first time, the first thing we had to do was send Kingsley a picture of his tied shoes.”

Even as long as they have been matched, DeVonte and Kingsley still look forward to all the new things they will do together. “I hope DeVonte accomplishes all of his dreams,” says Kingsley. “I want him to know that he is capable of doing whatever he sets his mind to.”

“DeVonte was right, his Big is smart, kind, considerate, and generous. Kingsley has blended into our family seamlessly,” says Adell. “Thank you, Big Brothers Big Sisters, for all you do to impact the lives of our youth. I know my son has been blessed and positively changed because Kingsley is in his life. Thank you, Kingsley, for your kind and giving heart. Words can’t express my gratitude and appreciation for all you have done since being matched with my son.”


You have a big opportunity in front of you—to not only impact a child’s life today, but to transform their potential for tomorrow.