Jay’sson and Alex

Jay’sson, 11, was matched with his Big Brother in April 2016. “I remember the first time we met Alex,” says Jay’sson’s mom, Marilyn. “We were all so nervous but that quickly ceased after we sat at the table and Alex began to interact with my son.” “No child chooses the circumstances of their birth,” says Alex. “I was inspired to make a positive difference in someone’s life, and to show them that they can do the same not only for others but for themselves.”


Together, Jay’sson and Alex enjoy playing video games, going to the river and park, eating, playing basketball and on trampolines, and trying new things together. Alex also helps Jay’sson with school, and he checks in with him about homework and even arranged for Jay’sson and his mom to take a field trip to the State Capitol with a tour from a former Senator. “Alex has gone above and beyond what I expected as a Big Brother,” says Marilyn, “and has made himself familiar with the things that interest Jay’sson.” “Prior to my match I had never been around children,” says Alex. “It has been incredibly rewarding to watch our relationship develop. I look forward to our visits more and more as time goes on! Jay’sson teaches me about Fortnite, music, and a completely different world view and experience from my own.”

Marilyn says that the changes she has seen in her son through this journey are incredible. “My son is less angry and has changed his thinking of men since Alex has become his Big Brother,” says Marilyn. “He has gotten to experience that not all men act bad.” “My favorite thing about Alex is that he is funny and open,” says Jay’sson. “My hope for Jay’sson’s future is that he is able to define his own success and happiness,” says Alex, “and live his life accordingly.”


You have a big opportunity in front of you—to not only impact a child’s life today, but to transform their potential for tomorrow.