Looking to get involved? Whether you’re interested in enrolling your child, donating, or stepping up as a Big, we offer several types of programs to meet your needs.

Many of our kids are from single-parent homes or live with a non-parent caregiver. Many live below the poverty level, with caregivers struggling to be an active presence while providing financial necessities for their family. Exposed to greater adversity such as elements of gang activity, substance abuse, and crime, they have the potential for greatness but need a special role model and friend they can trust. We are a lifeline for these kids, by providing a special match to help them realize their potential.


The core, traditional program of BBBS involves an adult mentor “Big” matched with a child “Little.” These community-based mentoring relationships involve one-on-one outings and activities, doing things the Big and Little enjoy together like taking a walk in the park, going to a museum, listening to music, or hanging out and talking. Some Bigs meet with their Littles on the weekends and others get together with their Littles on weekday evenings. Each match is unique and develops a schedule that works for them. Each match is supervised and supported by an agency Match Support Specialist.

Qualifications For Becoming A Community-Based Big
  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Access to reliable automobile
  • Completion of application process and background checks
  • Time Commitment: 2-4 visits per month, totaling about 6 hours, commit to 1 year

Site-Based Mentoring Program

Our site-based mentoring program takes place once per week at a community center or the Little’s school. These regular meetings provide a sense of consistency to the Little, and enhance the learning and growth they would normally do at school or the community center. Some Littles talk with their Bigs about class, do homework or read together, but it is perfectly fine to shoot hoops in the gym or play on the playground. At the end of the day, it is really all about starting a friendship, providing guidance and inspiring a Little to reach his or her fullest potential.

Qualifications For Becoming A Site-Based Big
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Completion of application process and background checks
  • Time Commitment: Weekly, 1-hour visits, Commit to 1 year

Bigs With Badges

Bigs with Badges is a one-to-one mentoring program that connects youth with law enforcement officers and first responders to build lasting relationships.  The result impacts the lives of at-risk children by fostering strong bonds founded on trust and understanding.

Bigs with Badges helps children see officers in a positive light and fosters trust between young people and law enforcement officers, officers are not going into a neighborhood to make an arrest, they’re going to form a bond and to build a friendship.

Bigs with Badges benefits law enforcement officers and first responders just as much as the children they mentor.  Volunteers in the program report that serving as a Big has given them a much deeper understanding of the communities they protect and has reconnected them with their mission in service.

Wells Fargo and Radoslovich | Shapiro became the Founding Partners to launch the Bigs with Badges initiative in April 2018 our local agency.  

“Wells Fargo is so proud to be one of the founding sponsors of the Bigs with Badges program here in the Greater Sacramento region. The Bigs with Badges program is timely and needed – connecting committed high caliber law enforcement men and women with young people who are the key to our collective success. It is a perfect match.”

Kären Woodruff, Vice President of Corporate Philanthropy & Community Relations
Vice President of Corporate Philanthropy & Community Relations


“I was one of those kids that had a really tough time as a teenager, a very difficult time when I was a teenager,” said Radoslovich. “I ran away from home, slept in parks made juvenile choices like hitting a cop with a lemon and was even arrested. If it wasn’t for someone who timely intervened in my life to mentor me I would have never finished school or law school for that matter and that was strictly by accident. I’m proud to become a founding partner of this very important program for our community to provide youth with the opportunity of mentorship.”

Frank Radoslovich, Partner
Radoslovich | Shapiro, PC


“Rather than focusing on what is wrong with our community, let us focus on what we can do better for our community. If I can inspire someone with a badge and heart to step up to support and enrich the youth, I will be one happy woman. ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.'”

Vanessa, Big Sister & Sergeant
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation


When you support Big Brothers Big Sisters, you change lives for children in our community.