Samantha and Brooke

Samantha, 8, was matched with her Big Sister Brooke in June of 2018. When thinking back on the first time she met her, Samantha thought she was really pretty and was looking forward to growing their bond. “My favorite thing about being matched with Samantha is just getting to know her and laughing with her,” said Brooke. “Eight-year-olds say the funniest things.”


Samantha and her brother, Jayden, are both being raised by their mother, Cynthia, who referred her children to the program to give them an added element of guidance and support. Growing up, Brooke’s primary mentor was her dance teacher, but her inspiration to become a Big Sister derived from her career goals in studying to become a marriage and family therapist. “I love connecting with people and relating to them however I can.” Samantha and Brooke have discovered that they have many things in common. “We both love to eat yummy food and have fun,” said Brooke. “We also had a lot of fun playing laser tag together.”

Since they have been matched, both Samantha and Brooke have learned a few things. “Brooke has taught me more about fashion,” said Samantha, who hopes to teach her Big Sister how to play soccer in the future. “My hope for Samantha this year is for her to be successful in third grade and continue her interest in animals,” said Brooke. “If you were thinking about being a Big, do it! It is the best volunteering job!”


You have a big opportunity in front of you—to not only impact a child’s life today, but to transform their potential for tomorrow.