Xavier and Kyle

When they were first matched in February of 2018, Xavier, 12, knew right away that he and his Big Brother Kyle would make a great pair. I thought that he had cool hair,” said Xavier. “But my favorite thing about him is his personality.”

Kyle was equally excited to get to know Xavier. “Growing up, my Buddhist Youth Group leader really helped shape the person I am today.” In return, he wanted to give back to his community. “I wanted to give youth the opportunity to meet and get to know someone with more life experience and to share fun times with.” They definitely do share fun times together, eating, playing board games and watching movies.

Both Xavier and Kyle have learned a lot from each other. “I learned that anything is possible,” said Xavier, while Kyle said, “he has taught me how smart and compassionate children can be, as well as how to play basketball.”

As their match continues to grow, so will their experiences. “My hope for Xavier is that he achieves all the goals he sets out to accomplish,” said Kyle. “Xavier is really fun to be around and being able to see him develop as a person is great,” said Kyle. “If you were thinking about becoming a Big, know that it’s a big time commitment, but every bit rewarding.”


You have a big opportunity in front of you—to not only impact a child’s life today, but to transform their potential for tomorrow.